Envisioning a Healthy Future - Wellness Entrepreneur Sales Mediums


Wellness Trucks
Envision Wellness Trucks that present nutrition & health themed theatrical performances throughout the Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes regions - visiting schools, malls, public gathering places, festivals, and events. Healthy lifestyle performances include theater, dance & musical groups that interpret trauma, stress, wellness, and nutrition topics.

Flash Mobs
Wellness Entrepreneurs will invite the community to learn dance routines online. PopUp flash mobs at local malls and public gathering places will share healthy lifestyle   information.

Webisode YouTube Series

Food KioskCharitable Kiosks
Kiosks, carts and food trucks will cultivate sales for the youth-developed products at festivals, farm markets, and malls.  

The profits from youth driven products, music CD's, books, fashion, & other items would be donated to their service organizations.


On-line Retail Shop
Shop On-lIne
An on-line e-commerce store will be available.

Senior Programs
Seniors will host selling parties so youth can sell their products at assisted living facilities. Family and friends can enjoy cooking demonstrations, tastings, and healthy lifestyle performances while they linger & shop.

Senior Programs