Youth Services Partners

WellVentions students originally launched their product lines and marketing programs with the generous support of the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation. WellVentions partnered with 3 youth service organizations in developing healthy food products and edutainment based marketing programs to support sales.


Past & Present Community Partners




Bob Tobin, Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Rochester  Entrepreneur Business Training Value Proposition, Key Partnerships,  Resources, & Activities, Customer Segments & Channels, Cost Structure
FoodLink  Cooking Matters™

Basic Nutrition/MyPlate, Food Origins, Food Marketing & Community, Exercise and Nutrition

Dr. George A. Porter, Jr., MD, PhD, University of Rochester Medical Center, Division of Pediatric Cardiology  Heart Health, The Beat We All Share Youth listened to their heartbeat & saw their heart beating, learned about the relationship between food, drumming, exercise, & heart health
Ron vonPerlstein Sales & Distribution   Sampling & Sales Techniques, Warehousing, Inventory & Distribution
FuturPoint Dance   Edutainment Performance Themed around the energy we get from fresh foods, to be performed at farmers markets & festivals 
Stuarts Spices Spice Pack Spice mixtures for two flavors - Italian & Ranch
Cafe International Processing & Distribution Recipe development for SauceAtude, food processing, warehouse and distribution services 
Caribbean Liquid Sugar Importer & Sugar Expert   Different tyoes of sugars & how they are digested.  Stevia/Cane Sugar Blend

Volunteers Needed

Youth Entertainment Partners

  • Dance troupes, music and theatrical groups
  • Street performers - mimes, stilt walkers, puppeteers etc.
  • Flash mob organizers

Processing Partners

  • Local health-conscious food and beverage processors, bottlers, and co-packers to private label youth-created products

Promotion / Marketing Partners - Individuals or organization who are interested in sharing their knowledge and experience with WellVentions' youth.

  • Writers
  • Brainstorming facilitators
  • Graphic designers
  • Research professionals
  • Prop Designers & Fabricators
  • Ceramic Artists
  • Glass Artists


Youth Services Partner

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