Community partners are involved with our Youth Initiatives, as well as the Edible Expo. Check out our Partners' pages to the left for more information on our current partners and what they are involved with.

Partners are always welcome to become involved with the Edible Expo and our Youth Initiatives. Contact Wellventions at for more information or complete the partner form below.

Here are some of the areas where we are looking for support.

Youth Service Partners -Youth organizations who are interested in partnering with WellVentions are needed for:

  • Ceramic program - "Herb Heads" and "Play With Your Food Plates"
  • Street lamps - Blown glass fruit and vegetable globes
  • Creating - Artistic Cafe Tables and other props for Edible Expo

Youth Entertainment Partners

  • Dance troupes, music and theatrical groups
  • Street performers - mimes, stilt walkers, puppeteers etc.
  • Flash mob organizers

Processing Partners

  • Local health-conscious food and beverage manufacturers and processors to private label youth-created products

Promotion / Marketing Partners - Individuals or organization who interested in passing their knowledge and experience on to WellVentions' youth.

  • Writers
  • Brainstorming facilitators
  • Graphic designers
  • Package design professionals

Youth Services Partner

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