EXPO Updates

Creative Artisan Café Table Top Program - Table Dressings

WellVentions is hosting a Table Dressings program for artisans to submit table-top designs for 5 café tables for the Expo, incorporating food and nutrition themes. Each artist’s table will be sold with a portion of the proceeds donated to WellVentions Entrepreneurship training program.  Look for updates, submission guidelines and selected designs on the café tables on our Table Dressings page.


The Expo Experience

Glass Vegetable and Fruit Street Lamps - We are looking for interested artisans to create a food inspired garden lamp series with vegetable and fruit globes. The lamps will be part of the Expo Street of Shops for the 2018 Expo, lending an touch of authenticity to the open-air street market. Learn more. . .

Food Fashion Show - Talented local fashion designers and boutiques such as BiPolar Couture, Paislee Boutique, and Peppermint, will design edible couture for their own models as well as WellVentions youth. Learn more. . .

On-stage At The Expo - Food art & fashion show, vitamin loading from the kitchen, The Yum Ones, and other exciting programming in development.  Stay Tuned!